Mountain Prose

“Who can leap the world’s ties and sit with me among white clouds” Dharma Bums ~ Jack Kerouac Adventure in peace. Castles in the sky draped in black diamonds. The bitter chill engulfs… Continue reading

Grow roots and get high

How did we get to this point and which way do we go now?  The Canadians say they go for a hike. For a while this made me smirk since I come from the… Continue reading

Taking a Stand

I’m very lucky and grateful to have this opportunity to live and work in Canada. I’ve already learnt more than I imagined and encountered places I knew very little of. It is through… Continue reading

Freedom on two wheels

I’ve mostly spent summer in Vancouver on two wheels. I’ve commuted to work on my bike. I’ve sped along the cycle paths to catch the evening sun. I’ve exerted myself up hills to… Continue reading

3 positives in 5 days…from Vancouver

A good friend has nominated me to write down three positive things over five days. I am grateful for all of my experiences in Vancouver and even more so that the majority right… Continue reading

Have a happy heart

1. Breathe. Move with the breath and know that everything changes. We evolve. Nothing stays the same. 2. Take your time. It will happen when it happens. 3. Move. Peddle. Stretch. Early in… Continue reading

h a p p i n e s s

Happiness is a lazy Sunday afternoon.  Happiness is sitting on Kitsilano beach with a coffee and a good book.  Happiness is feeling the gentle breeze fly through your hair.  Happiness is feeling the… Continue reading

Things I’ve learnt so far

1. Canadians are like super friendly and helpful, right!! Coming from London the difference in attitudes and outlook is a refreshing change. It brings a whole new meaning to the saying ‘strangers are just… Continue reading

Bear Aware

My new running route at Capilano River, North Vancouver. Don’t panic: I am “bear aware” and I will be wearing bear bells on my trainers so Mama Bear knows I’m not coming to… Continue reading


I’ve long been fascinated by meaning in language and semiotics, or signs. How else do we make sense of our world? Serendipity is apparently one of the nation’s favourite words. It has a… Continue reading