As the first stop on my South American adventure and standing tall at 3,200 metres above sea level, Quito was the ideal place to acclimatise not only to the altitude also to the language, to the time difference, to the food, to the sights and to the sounds. The most noticeable change for me was […]

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the s p a c e inbetween

It’s been a while. A hiatus. A lull. Radio silence. Crying. Laughing. Sleeping. Waking. Reading. Writing. Closing. Opening. Breaking. Mending. Hearing. Listening. Shaking. Dancing. Fighting. Surrendering. Shrinking. Stretching. Hating. Loving. Quitting. Starting. Sinking. Swimming. Seeking. Finding. Screaming. Whispering. Avoiding. Confronting. Failing. Trying. Hearing. Listening. Gasping. Breathing. Fearing. Embracing. Doing. Being. And now I’m calling out […]

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Mountain Prose

“Who can leap the world’s ties and sit with me among white clouds” Dharma Bums ~ Jack Kerouac Adventure in peace. Castles in the sky draped in black diamonds. The bitter chill engulfs all that enters its path. It shorted our breath & jolted our movement. Layer upon layer from head to toe. Protection and […]

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Grow roots and get high

How did we get to this point and which way do we go now?  The Canadians say they go for a hike. For a while this made me smirk since I come from the north of England where we describe it as a walk up a hill. However, having walked up a number of hills in […]

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Taking a Stand

I’m very lucky and grateful to have this opportunity to live and work in Canada. I’ve already learnt more than I imagined and encountered places I knew very little of. It is through this exploration that I have stumbled upon a desire to further my understanding of human impact on the environment. Although I was […]

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Freedom on two wheels

I’ve mostly spent summer in Vancouver on two wheels. I’ve commuted to work on my bike. I’ve sped along the cycle paths to catch the evening sun. I’ve exerted myself up hills to be rewarded with breathtaking views of mountains and lakes drenched in deep blues and lush greens. I’ve balanced bags of groceries on […]

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Have a happy heart

1. Breathe. Move with the breath and know that everything changes. We evolve. Nothing stays the same. 2. Take your time. It will happen when it happens. 3. Move. Peddle. Stretch. Early in the morning, feel the fresh breeze and the warm glow of the sun. Burst into your day with exhilaration. Let go and […]

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h a p p i n e s s

Happiness is a lazy Sunday afternoon.  Happiness is sitting on Kitsilano beach with a coffee and a good book.  Happiness is feeling the gentle breeze fly through your hair.  Happiness is feeling the warm sun on pale skin that has been wrapped up in layers for months.  Happiness is watching the boats glide across the […]

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Things I’ve learnt so far

1. Canadians are like super friendly and helpful, right!! Coming from London the difference in attitudes and outlook is a refreshing change. It brings a whole new meaning to the saying ‘strangers are just friends you haven’t met yet’. There are smiles in the street and polite chit-chat at bus stops. The commuters always say thank you […]

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