Bear Aware

My new running route at Capilano River, North Vancouver. Don’t panic: I am “bear aware” and I will be wearing bear bells on my trainers so Mama Bear knows I’m not coming to… Continue reading


I’ve long been fascinated by meaning in language and semiotics, or signs. How else do we make sense of our world? Serendipity is apparently one of the nation’s favourite words. It has a… Continue reading

The Last Commute

Farringdon.  Screeching of metal on the tracks, familiar whir of the train engine & rustling of newspaper.  Blackfriars Bridge An enormous orange orb sinks from the sky. Just a girl with flowers on… Continue reading


Marsha Hunt, the mother of Mick Jagger’s first child and inspiration for Rolling Stones’ hit Brown Sugar, is selling letters Jagger wrote to her in the summer of ’69. According to the Guardian… Continue reading


This postcard was used as a promotional flyer by the Beirut Groove Collective. The text ‘DEAR BABY, HOW ARE YOU?’ are the lyrics of songwriter and poet Gill Scott-Heron, which suitably fit with… Continue reading

Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee

A postcard for the Queen. Turner Prize nominee David Mach makes incredible collages out of postcards.

Mechanized postcards

In this day and age it can all be mechanized…postcard writing included.


I’ve stumbled across the most innovative idea for postcards in ages. Hoot is a literary magazine on a postcard. It fuses the format of a postcard with the opportunity for writers to publish… Continue reading

International Women’s Day

Celebration. Liberation. Positive. Female Friendship.

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